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The Indian International Law Project

Redefine and Reconstruct the Indian Vision towards International Law

      Policy Papers


Global Relations and Legal Policy, Volume 1 (2020)

      Research Mentors

Abhivardhan, Internationalism

Amulya Anil, Internationalism

Prof Sourabh Ubale, Assistant Professor (Marathwada Mitra Mandal's Shankarrao Chavan Law College, Pune) & PhD Scholar (University of Mumbai)

      Research Members, Coordinators and Guest Authors

Manohar Samal, Research Analyst

Akash Manwani, Research Analyst

Pratham Sharma, Research Member

Vasu Sharma, Junior Research Analyst

Vaibhav Dwivedi, Legal Research Analyst

Avishikta Chattopadhyay, Research Member

Vijayalakshmi Raju, Editor for Legit by Internationalism

Urvashi Arora, Research Contributor

Prafful Tonge, Research Member

Mugdha Satpute, Research Member

Ridhima Bhardwaj, Research Member

Ambar Bishun, Research Contributor

Nikhil Dongol, Research Contributor

What We Do?

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United Nations Reforms & Review Project

Expanding and Realizing Reformed Multilateralism for the United Nations

Presenting the United Nations Reforms & Review Project by Internationalism.

As affirmed by G20 states, the United Nations, is not that much successful in its programmes and initiatives so far due to political issues, and even at the cost of the rules-based international order.

It is high time to realize that the UN's approach towards multilateralism can be preserved and attained only when the focus is on all ends and not just on sovereign and political interests.

The Project encompasses on specific and clear critique of the UN and its agencies, their failures and successes, their diplomatic and undiplomatic considerations and hopes to induce solutions for long-term risks that come in for a rules-based international order.

      Policy Papers

UNRR Project Papers uploaded in Global Law Assembly Review included in our upcoming books.

Executive Team


Director, United Nations Reforms & Review

Anirudh Vats

Programme Coordinator, United Nations Reforms & Review 

      Research Members, Coordinators and Guest Authors

Manohar Samal, Research Analyst [International Law]

Pratham Sharma, Junior Research Analyst [International Law]

Hriti Parekh, Research Member [International Law]

What We Do?

We strategize our focus on issues of international law and policy and failures of United Nations and its ECOSOC members by estimating policy paralysis, strategic constraints, constitutional and multilateral redemption, which strike at the core of the problems in the realm of the United Nations studies. Solving issues related to UN and Multilateralism based on Indian and Global South Leaderships, like of any other nation-state is to be determined on the basis of accountability considerations. It is therefore important to acknowledge that if we focus on our problems in strong parallelism with the avenues achieved by the UN as an essential player in the figurine of peace and international security, it has to be rendered with pragmatism and centralizing sovereignty not as a cold-war doctrine but a multipolar doctrine.


We do not believe in clickbait politics over issues of international relations, and therefore our research espouses the need to debunk politically-motivated narratives on Indian Diplomacy and Politics and encourage multidisciplinary research on the basis of strong basic roots of various fields, which are mingled into multi/inter/cross-disciplinary research.

Some of the important areas we cover:

International Law
    Security Council Reforms
    Issues related to Mandates given by UN Bodies and Agencies
    Invention and Transformation of Customary International Law
    Political Observance and Transformation of Customary International Law
    Ethnocentrism and International Human Rights Law
    Dialectical Fallacies in International Criminal Law Interpretation
    Problems in the UN's approach towards Third World Approaches to International Law
    Jurisprudence of the International Law Commission
    Transformative Lens of International Law Covenants and Treaty Bodies for Global South
    The Problems with Responsibility to Protect
    Role of NGOs, MNCs, Startups equivalent to State actors and International Organizations?
    Reformed Multilateralism and International Legal Customs
    International Cultural Law and the Global South

International Politics and Foreign Relations
    Anti-Semitism and the UN
    Political Subversion in the UN HRC
    Misuse of Economic Considerations of Mandates of UN
    Dichotomous Understanding towards Transitional Justice
    Lack of Environment Committments in Political Affairs due to imposition of Global North considerations over the Global South
    Lack of Global Consensus over International Terrorism and Finance-related Crimes
    Technology Ethnocentrism and Colonialism in the Diplomacy of AI Ethics 
    Lack of Regulation of International Media and Information Propaganda
    The Policy and Politics Issues with SDGs
    Conflict and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms within the UN
    American, Chinese, Russian, British, Middle Easterner, Indian & European Approaches to International Law

    Weaknesses of EU, SAARC, CoE and other multilateral organizations
    Implementation, Adjucation & Admissibility Problems with the International Criminal Court and other International Courts & Tribunals
    Reforms in the UN Agencies committed to conflict-ridden areas
    United Nations and IHL
    Problems with the World Trade Organization
    Revisionism of Pax Americana and the UN
    South-South Cooperation Initiative and the UN
    Dishonesty and Incompetence of the UN Agencies
    The Inclusion of NGOs under ECOSOC Consultative Status
    Role of G4 and other important Countries in UN Multilateral Bodies


We Embrace Communication and Outreach.

If any media agency, governmental/intergovernmental body, academic institution or research organization is interested in interviews/webinars/discussion panels to encourage internal (in-house private discussions with our research members - which we consider as private contributions to the project) sessions or external (in-house/external public discussions/interviews/webinars/conference representation) sessions, please mail us at Based on our availability, we will try to respond within 24-72 hours from the time of the request.

You can also reach out to:

Anirudh Vats, Programme Coordinator at

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