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The Internationalism Team


Founder and Chief Executive Officer​

President, Global Law Assembly​

Head of Internationalism Research & Internationalism Events

Entrepreneur | AI-Law Futurist | Researcher | Poet

Pratejas Tomar

Chief Innovation Advisor​

Head of Internationalism Advocacy

Vaibhav Dwivedi

Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Executive Officer, Global Law Assembly

Deputy Head of Internationalism Research

Indu Bala Srivastava

Chief Financial Officer

Agni Das

Chief Human Resources Officer

Internationalism Research

Programme Coordinators

Vaibhav Dwivedi, Deputy Head of Research

Dhakshayanee Srinivasan, Indian International Law Programme

Anirudh Vats, United Nations Reforms and Review Project

Research Analysts

Manohar Samal, Research Analyst

Akash Manwani, Research Analyst [Honorary]

Satyajith MS, Junior Research Analyst

Pratik Dutta, Junior Research Analyst

Pratham Sharma, Junior Research Analyst

Nikita Mulay, Junior Research Analyst

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