Internationalism Research

Internationalism Research is a policy-centric research wing of Internationalism, which envisages and administers research projects on issues related to international law and relations, legal education & law and philosophy. We believe in imparting innovative research through critical thinking avoiding any obscuration. Secondly, our understanding of scientific research in international law and relations is based on realpolitik approaches, so as to endorse and implement innovative reforms in areas related to international law and relations.

Core Team

Abhivardhan, Head of Research

Vaibhav Dwivedi, Deputy Head of Research

Research Analysts

Manohar Samal, Research Analyst

Akash Manwani, Research Analyst [Honorary]

Satyajith MS, Junior Research Analyst

Pratik Dutta, Junior Research Analyst

Pratham Sharma, Junior Research Analyst

Nikita Mulay, Junior Research Analyst

Projects and Initiatives

Indian International Law Programme

The Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship Project

Areas of Research

  • Indo-EU Relations

  • Multialignment and Multipolarity in International Relations

  • Indic Traditionalism in International Law

  • African Culture and History: Diplomacy and Policy Paralysis

  • Multipolarity in the Middle East

  • Russian Foreign Policy and Geopolitics

  • The Role of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue

  • Global Capitalism and Sustainable Development

  • Artificial Intelligence and International Law

  • The United Nations System

  • Future of the European Project

  • Transforming Transitional Justice and its Notions

Join Us in Internationalism Research

We are open to inviting students, research candidates and policy experts in the fields of International Law, Public Policy, Legal Education, Legal Technology, History & Anthropology for the following positions (pro-bono):

  •  Research Analyst/Junior Research Analyst: The person has to take in an area of research (primary and secondary), develop contours, trends and policy directions in that particular area, and has to contribute policy analyses, reports and long discussion papers wherever necessary. Furthermore, the person organizes roundtables and discussions, for the same he/she/they invite experts from various areas of social sciences & other sciences relevant to the issue of research; 

  • Research Contributors/Research Members: The person has to take in an area of research (primary and secondary) and develop contours, trends and policy directions in that particular area. The person has to participate in our roundtable and evaluate the quality, purpose and direction of our policy discussions and roundtables;

  • Research Executive: The person coordinates research (primary and secondary) projects/sub-projects/events and supervises our interns under the Research Opportunity Internship Programme/Project Internships;

P.S.: The positions are pro bono, and we, therefore, understand that the person committed to the same (a) might have professional constraints, which is openly negotiable; and (b) does not have to be restricted under any time-based commitments. However, a decent understanding of the evaluation and completion of tasks is a necessity to ensure robust and timely research.

Secondly, we believe in critical evaluation and development in the area of research undertaken, and crediting people for their work wherever justified. For more details, you can refer to the adjudicatory mechanisms explained in the 'Other Guidelines' tab below.

All applications are considered via The applicant has to submit a CV, a literature review on the area of research intended to be undertaken and a position statement to explain the scope, practice and utility of the research activity and position intended to be undertaken. 

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