Why Regimenting Identities is not a Good Way in Crises: the Markaz Case

Updated: May 15

Kartikey Misra


Global Legal Innovation Advisory


Anyone who is using the Nizamuddin Markaz incident to shame and generalise the entire Muslim community is very wrong and such propaganda is condemnable. It is horrible to see the hatred peddled by people when our nation is facing a serious challenge of Coronavirus.

However, I have no qualms in blaming and questioning the management, and rationale behind organising the Tablighi Jamaat at this time.

There is plenty of evidence that establishes that what was done was WORNG! This should be recognised by everyone. I don't even want to talk about the behaviour meted out to the doctors, and health service workers by the jamatis, when the government started tracking down the infected people.

I never supported generalisation, but what I am witnessing now is really discomforting. All I see is how hypocrisy has taken over the dominant discourse of this country.

Firstly, there were plenty of people, who defended the jamaat and took a side, this I believe, actually cemented the communal agenda of certain Islamophobic groups.

Secondly, I am also appalled by the hypocrisy prevalent amongst the people, who claim to be liberals and intellectuals but are in reality full of hate and prejudice.

For instance, nobody ever had a problem with the generalisations like- Rapistan, Lynchistan, 'Cow-Belt', 'Savarna goons', 'Hindu-terrorists', etcetera. The list is rather long. But are now complaining about generalisation.

Thirdly, the Jamaat cannot be compared with the Hindu Mahasabha Gau-mutra party or Yogi Adityanath's transfer of Ram lalla's idol. Nobody among the Hindus supported the gau-mutra party- it was a joke and was ridiculed by everyone. Similarly, the Ram Navmi event was criticised, even though it was never formally announced. Ram Lalla's transfer was not a public event. Furthermore, none of the events stated above, involved foreigners from 'COVID risk countries', who entered India on the wrong visas. Nobody was complaining about Hinduphobia at that time. That is the difference!

Also, why is it the case that we are always ONLY "Ashamed as a Hindu" or "Ashamed as a society".

It is important for the political and religious leaders of, organised religion like Islam to come forward and recognise the problem within their community. Every question on the community cannot and should not be reduced to an issue of Islamophobia.

I hope people in the media, social life, and the various 'Progressive group of Students', will have the gall to be fair!

Hope rationality prevails over prejudice, hypocrisy and religious extremism.

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