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9 June, 2020

On 09th June 2020 the infamous Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman alias “Ali Kushayb” was transferred to the custody of International Criminal Court, after he voluntarily surrendered himself in the Central African Republic for the war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed in Darfur as alleged. Kushayb, alongside co-inductee Ahmed Haroun, was one of the principal suspects for whom the Court issued a warrant in its Darfur investigation; in April 2007 (a subsequent warrant was issued against Kushayb in January 2018). Further, in 2009 and 2012 warrant was issued against Omar-al- Bashir and Abdel Raheem Muhammad Hussein respectively.

“The transfer of Ali Kushayb is a powerful reminder that even if you run away from justice for years, the tables can turn at any time and justice will then catch up with you” -Mossad Mohamed Ali, ACJPS Executive Director.

Dissatisfactions over the absence of progress in the Darfur examination, and states failure in fulfilment of their commitments to help the Court remembering for the execution of warrants led to a sense of being forgotten by the victims and the affected communities in the international community. Ali Kushayb’s first appearance in ICC is scheduled on 15th June, 2020 before the single Judge Rosario Salvatore Ayala.



10 June 2020

Over the recent months, the US government has proposed a few limitations on immigrant workers, which it believes to open up open doors for local people. In contrast to this, a recent study by University of California San Diego foreigner rights indicates that migrant rights upgrade the lives of local workers from multiple points of views and to name some-improvement in livelihoods, reduction in crime rates and expanding incomes arising by the way of taxes. A relevant study shows that the rate of immigrants in the US in 1994 was 1 out of 10 whereas in 2012 is has been increased by the rate of 1 out of 4.

The fact that many companies which brought up a high percentage of fortune are run by the immigrants cannot be denied. For say, giants like Microsoft, Tesla, Alphabet are also currently in hands of immigrants only.

In light of scrutiny of US immigration policies, it can be deduced that the discoveries could be relevant to any nation which is home to countless migrants.



10 June 2020

Nabeel Rajab is Human Right Activist based in Bahrain and president of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights. He was detained on 13 June 2016 for posting comments on his twitter account (in 2015) with respect to Saudi Arabia’s role in the Yemen Civil War and about torture at Jaw Prison.

On 31st December 2018, the Court of Cassation upheld the 5-year of imprisonment on charges which includes: spreading false rumours in time of war and downgrading public authorities and foreign country. Nabeel is a hero for some but troublemaker to those who support the government. In 2015, a travel ban was imposed against him by the Third Lower Criminal Court.

On 9th June, 2020 Nabeel Rajab was conditionally released from the prison. And in response to this news ‘Lynn Maalouf’- Amnesty International’s Middle East research Director quotes “Instead of releasing him on a non-custodial sentence, the authorities must quash all sentences brought against him and ensure his access to remedy for the violations he has suffered during this time.”

Moreover, Front Line Activists oppose the above verdict as being a clear violation of the basic human right of ‘freedom of expression’



10 June 2020

A prominent Sikh Community member based in the UK, Navdeep Singh, in an open letter to Giani Harpreet Singh, the acting Jathedar of Akal Takht opposed and challenged the recent assertion that “it is ready to accept the sovereign state of Khalistan if the Indian government makes such an offer. He further mentioned that not even one-fourth of the community favour Khalistan, as they don’t want to witness another painful event like that which took place in 1947 during the partition.

He event pointed out that, “In India, our community is respected a lot, people trust us, they vouch for our braver and kindness. You talk about unity? We Sikhs unite for the welfare of people; we unite to protect people and we unite to submit ourselves before our Gurus. We will never unite to break a nation as that is not what Sikhs is about. You being the Jathedar of Akal Takht, the highest temporal seat of the Sikhs, should have known better.”



10 June 2020

During the Darfur conflict, when the Sudan Liberation Movement and the Justice and Equality Movement rebel groups began fighting the government of Sudan, which they accused of oppressing Darfur’s non-Arab population, an ethnic-cleansing campaign was carried against Darfur’s non-Arabs. UN estimates that over 3,00,000 were killed and 2.7million others were forced from their homes.

The Security Council referred the situation in Darfur to the ICC 15 years ago (2005) through resolution 1593, following an international commission of inquiry into allegations of genocide in the Sudanese region.

Fatou Bensouda, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, briefed the Security Council a day after alleged Janjaweed commander Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman- also known as Ali Kushayb surrendered to the authorities in the Central African Republic and was then transferred to the International Criminal Court’s custody as wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity. She stated that “Justice for Darfur has already been too elusive for too long. It is past time for that unsatisfactory state of affairs to change”. Further, “A window of opportunity has been opened. We must collectively seize it. Let us act together to finally bring justice to the victims in Darfur.”

She also expressed optimism that the peace talks between the Government and rebel groups in Juba roots well for prospects to finally achieve justice for Darfur victims. Along with it, she appealed to the Council to encourage the military and civilian governing coalition in Khartoum to widen lines of communication with her Office.

Besides Mr Al-Bashir, the ICC is seeking the arrest and transfer into its custody of Abdel Raheem Hussain and Ahmad Harun, who are believed to be in detention in Khartoum. It is purported that both these men have been tested positive for Covid-19 virus, and the necessary precautions and medications are being provided to them. The whereabouts of another suspect, Abdallah Banda, is unknown.

As Sudan is not a party to the Rome Statute that established the ICC, Sudan has a national legal duty to turn over all ICC suspects in its custody without delay. Various associations lauded Mr Kushayb’s handover to the ICC.



11 June 2020

Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman, commonly known as Ali Kushayb, a Sudanese national, is suspected of war crimes, and crimes against humanity as he alleged to have been in command of thousands of Janjaweed militia to have carried out the counterinsurgency strategy and to have enlisted fighters to the Janjaweed militia under his command. He is also alleged to have personally participated in some of the attacks against civilians, between August 2003 and March 2004. With the involvement of several countries and organisations, he was recently arrested and has been taken into International Criminal Court’s custody on Tuesday, after surrendering himself voluntarily in the Central African Republic.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has hailed the arrest as an “extremely significant development”. “For too long those responsible for large-scale international crimes committed in the western Sudanese region of Darfur have escaped prosecution”, said The UN rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, in response to the arrest. She further noted her “profound hope” that the other four suspects indicted in the connection with the counter-insurgency campaign be arrested too.

She added that the arrest should also act as a deterrent to other military and political leaders who think they can commit such crimes with impunity.


New York

10 June 2020

Agriculture is a significant factor in the climate crisis. The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has been involved in various climate change adaptation projects over the last 12 years, and how they are expected to make lasting contributions to sustainable food and agriculture.

The agency is working with governments and NGOs, to help smallholder farmers to cope with disasters, and transform agriculture to be more resilient, and sustainable to climate changes, and health crisis such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.



11 June 2020

On addressing the 95th of the annual plenary session of the ICC in Kolkata over the video conference, the pandemic should be turned into an opportunity to create an 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' says, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On Thursday, where the steps have been taken to ensure that products imported from abroad are manufactured in the country as it is the time to make bold decisions and investments for the country to scale new heights.

India's goal is to self Reliance which has paramount the policy and practice of the country. It gives the lessons on how to speed up efforts in the direction. He also told that the people-centric, people-driven and Planet friendly development has become a part of the BJP-led Central governments’ governance and therefore India is fighting multiple challenges along with the pandemic including floods, Locust attack, earthquakes. Turning crisis into an opportunity for creating Atmanirbhar Bharat and to take the steps to ensure the products which we import are from somewhere else as manufactured in India.



12 June 2020

Police action against the protesters in Colombo expressing the solidarity with the Black Lives Matter agitations in the US has concern over many social media users termed as police brutality in Sri Lanka. 53 members were arrested by police and most of them were from the frontline socialist party- a small party of leftist for allegedly violating a courts order restraining them from holding a protest, which a magistrate court granted Dembele on Tuesday night. At another venue, the protestors wore masks and followed physical distancing as they lined up on the road margins, holding posters expressing the solidarity with Black Lives Matter uprising in the US following Black American George Floyd's murder by a white policeman.

Another instance of police action coming under focus in Sri Lanka was a former legislator Tweeted CCTV footage of policeman appearing to appear to assault a teenager with autism who could not communicate why was he out during the curfew. It went viral on social media triggering the widespread outrage at the police. Several politicians and celebrities tweeted demanding justice for the teenaged boy. The authorities suspended 3 policemen involved in the incident, in a suspension was for having failed to arrest the teenager.



13 June 2020

On Thursday, A Japanese prosecutor urged the US to extradite two Americans accused of helping Nissan's former chairman, Carlos Ghosn flee when he was out on bail. The deputy Chief prosecutor Takahiro Saito told Japan has issued arrest warrants for Michael Kayal and Peter Taylor for allegedly helping a criminal escape. The judge has decided an arrest warrant which should be issued for them and they are negotiating with US authorities. They are wanted in Japan for allegedly helping Mr.Ghosn flee Lebanon in December, for jumping bail while he was awaiting trial on financial misconduct charges. Lebanon does not have an extradition treaty with Japan but the US does.

The authorities told that Taylor helped sneak Mr.Ghosn out of the Japan on a private jet with the former Nissan Boss tucked away in a large box. Mr.Ghosn who held Nissan for two decades, has repeatedly told that he was innocent and had a fled believing that he could not expect a fair trial in Japan.

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