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August 5, Abrogation of article 370

On this day last year, Union Home Minister Amit Shah made the announcement in Parliament abrogating the Articles 370 and 35A that stripped Jammu and Kashmir from its special status. It split the region into two Union Territories- Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh putting them directly under the control of the Centre. A year has passed and the abrogation has only suffocated the state while giving political power to the Indian government.

To avoid any reaction to this move, all modes of communication were cut-off before midnight on 5th August 2019 and the region is still without high- speed internet a year later, causing many difficulties for the students and the businessmen in particular. The entire mainstream political leaderships along with numerous others were arrested. The lockdown halted transportation thus affecting tourism, which is the major source of income of the state. The business sector crumbled. An employment package was announced, but the area is still suffering from massive unemployment. The situation had already slipped from bad to worse.

Even though the state is crushed economically and mentally, the government is showing the entire world that everything is normal in Kashmir. There are multiple petitions before the Supreme Court to decide on the constitutional validity of this historic move. Standing on the first anniversary of the repeal of Article 370, there is no fear of losing anything - because there is nothing left to lose. Communications are still hampered, arrests are regular, and the pandemic has added to the sufferings.

August 6 & 9, Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombing: Survivors Voice

The U.S. dropped the world’s first atomic bomb over Hiroshima on 6th August 1945 followed by another over Nagasaki on 9th August 1945. Though it ended World War II, the effect of the bomb still has a lingering effect even after 75 years. The survivors have lived all these years with shame, resentment, anger and fear, some of them even harbouring revenge in their hearts. For them, the dropping of the bomb was a personal event before it became a global one.

Yasujiro Tanaka, who was three years old at the time of the bombing doesn’t remember much but recalls that the surroundings turned blindingly white, like a million camera flashes going off at once. Mysterious scabs began to form all over his body and he lost hearing in his left ear. He still wonders what harm he did to the Americans that they maimed him. Fujio Torikoshi wants to forget but the prominent keloid scar on his neck is a daily reminder of the atomic bomb. Takata Michishita, another survivor prays for world peace. He prays that not a single Japanese citizen falls victim to the clutches of war, ever again. With numerous heartbreaking stories to share, the survivors are still haunted by the loss and have had no time to grieve. All they pray for is a ban on nuclear weapons and world peace. They plead, “No more Hiroshimas”.

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