Our Schooling, Marks and You

Updated: May 15

Amulya Anil

Chief Knowledge Advisor


These days we mostly venture into the cursing of the education system for mostly being a rote learning mechanism , but lest we address our approach to the system which has aided such a mechanism . When the students start believing that the primary aim of education is holistic development and improving the set of skills we possess , they would certainly stop illogically arguing with the faculty for better marks and instead would look for guidance to perform better. There’s a need to accept constructive criticism for growth - an approach which has been mostly disregarded of late and persists not only in the education sector per se , but elsewhere too !

Ultimately , it’s not the marks which has the high market value , instead it’s your diligence to improve your marks , the desire to learn, the courage to differ and invent , and dedication to develop your skills which would be more commendable !

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