Opinion Piece: Why is there a relation between the Marxists and Islamic Fundamentalists?

Kartikey Misra,


Global Legal Innovation Advisory,


I believe that Marxists are real champions of misleading people. They always present themselves as the people fighting for the cause of every oppressed community they can find. For example: If you study the rise of Lenin and his earlier political arguments, one of those arguments targeted towards the Turkic tribes ( Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Tatars, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, and Uyghurs) of central Asia being ignored and suppressed by the Tsar regime. Similarly, the concern about Azerbaijanis, Dagestan Republic, Chechens, Bashkortostanis, etc.

These Turkic tribes followed the tribal setup similar to the Pashtuns in Afghanistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan). Soon after the formation of the Soviet Union the first thing the Soviet government did was to de-Islamise Central Asia.

Everything the Marxists do is a tactical ploy, the moment they come to power all notions of diversity, multiculturalism, and liberalism take a backseat. The generation that was brought up in Central Asia under the communist regime relates more to the Europeans than to their other central Asian cousins. Example: The Uzbeks look upon their fellow-Uzbeks living in Mazar-e-Sharif (Afghanistan) as tribal and backward.

Soviet Russia and now China are the most successful countries in De-Islamisation of their Muslim population.

Similarly, in India, the Marxists tried to support the Muslim league for a separate Muslim-nation. They stooped to the level of supporting the Nizam of Hyderabad to oppose 'Indian-Imperialism'. There is a reason why they are not trusted is that their history hasn't been very good. Which is why I am wary about the left, and they are going ballistic over Kashmir now. Their level of politics has blurred the lines of right and wrong, terrorism and justice.

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