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New York

01 June 2020

After a year of president rule, the administration of Government has put the National and international human rights communities on high alert as it is a great concern. A year ago, President Bukele gave a promise to lead the country in a new and better direction, as per the reports.

The panoramic situation which highlighted the style of government despite seemingly creative nature ultimately Resorts repressive and abusive tactics is often seen in El Salvador during the past times. as per the reports, the Human rights defender who had diabetes reported that she was detained when she went to buy food and medicine for the 3-year-old child was detained, the police are shared her that they would only give a COVID-19 test and then she could return home however she was the time for more than one month in the containment Centre, despite not having been diagnosed with the virus.

Several cases being reported during the COVID-19 and the community being detained under the pretext of containing the pandemic, are disproportionate. Other actions which are taken by the president has to alarm the international community which took this a regression that they could represent in February, The council of the minister of government-held in Human Rights discussion in the Legislative assembly, accompanied by an ostentatious and unnecessary military parade in the grounds of the assembly which was reported. The snipers stationed and vicinity and restriction on press freedom. Therefore it suggests that security forces use violent measures and calls for non-compliance with the rulings of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice.

During the press meet, the President committed to being a different voice in Central America but the current government has grabbed the International Media headlines and alarmed the international organisation with this contempt for the Human Rights told, Erika Guevara Rosa's. Rather than reviewing and evaluating the success and failures of measures implemented by previous administrations, the current government insists on favouring a repressive approach to tackling the violence and containing the pandemic crisis. As this is the right moment for the current government to make a radical change to its public policies and bring about substantial change in terms of Human Rights. President Bukele has to stop blaming previous administrations and other state institutions, taking responsibility and developing comprehensive solutions to strengthen the rule of law and address the historic debt that Salvadoran authorities have with the rights of the population.



01 June 2020

Making a reply to the remarks by President Donald Trump at the rose garden, Ernest Conversion, the End Gun Violence Campaign manager of a report said the violence can be no longer ignored which is the violence committed against black lives by the police. The real disgrace is anti-black racism on the Trump Administration and it is sworn to the nation to protect all of the people and not just those he deems worthy.

The time for justice has passed but the possibility for justice was taken away the day when he was killed and all that remains is accounted for and in that account, it has to be absent from an administration which continues to find the flames of hate. The rights of the people are taken to the streets for the demand of justice and comprehensive police Reform cannot be trampled upon for any reason.

No longer can police be allowed to run rampant and terrorize our communities. The law enforcement exists to work for the people but it only seems to work for some as the 'Black lives matter'. Trans Black lives matter where Black immigrant lives matter, Black Asylum seeker lives matter.

Sending in the military to respond to a peaceful revolution has been the only action as the administration has taken. What's been absent as a legitimate attempt to change the system that does not work for Black people come but, directly oppresses them. The United States system of policy is broken and needs reform as to root out racism and radically change the approach to law enforcement in human rights, when real reforms take place, only then it will send a message to black people that their lives matter and our black communities can live in Safety, Justice and Freedom.



01 June 2020

The Mozambican government has the right to protect civilians which carry out operations against and opposition groups in Cabo Delgado to ensure all the necessary and reasonable measures taken to prevent the crimes under the International Law human rights violations which have marred past the military raids in the Northern province.

The President announced that security forces have killed the leaders of the main armed opposition group in Cabo Delgado. In the group, it has terrorized the communities in Cabo Delgado for 3 years, killing a hundred people and causing hundreds of thousands of others to flee from their homes. The main priority of the Mozambican authority is to bring all the suspected criminal responsibility for these crimes to justice in a fair trial before ordinary civilian courts, Muchena.

The security forces are not supposed to use the operation as a pretext to seek revenge for the attacks on villagers, but rather to make sure that the group of fighters are held accountable for crimes under International law and Human rights violation in Cabo Delgado. The Mozambican security forces launched an operation to flush out the armed groups that have committed crimes under the international law and Human Rights violation against civilians in the provinces in Northern Mozambique.

The etymology killing of a civilian by armed groups has been ongoing in Cabo Delgado since 2017, Members of local opposition groups have been carrying out coordinated and simultaneous attacks against civilians and government institutions, including the police headquarters. Hundreds of people have been killed since 2017, while more than 150,000 have been affected by the violence, including who has fled to their homes.



02 June 2020

Responding to the Court’s decision according to which Aleksandr Gabyshev, a Siberian shaman who has vowed last year The purge of the president Putin from the Kremlin reminds confined to a psychiatric hospital by Co-opting first the police and now the psychiatric system to do they are bidding, the Russian authorities have revealed the astonishing lengths that they will be going to repress critics' which is wholly an unacceptable and this must be immediately and unconditionally released.

The story in 2019, when Aleksandr Gabyshev walked hundreds of kilometres before he was stopped by police, which was briefly placed in a psychiatric hospital. Later he was being released and placed on the police surveillance. He was also self-isolating which took him to a psychiatric hospital purportedly because he refused to be tested for COVID-19. After he had petitioned the hospital to end his hospitalization and to be released, a medical commission was promptly called and concluded that he possessed danger to himself and others.

The hospital director sought approval from the City Court to extend his confinement and argued that his patient suffers from overvaluing of his personality just because he had expressed ideas intended to ham the government. Therefore the court proved that forcible hospitalization of a person and hi may be confined in the psychiatric hospital indefinitely.

Therefore the international Human Rights standards have clearly established that regimes of the deprivation of Liberty based on the perceived danger of persons to themselves or to others are inherently arbitrary and it should be eliminated.



02 June 2020

Sex worker are left to dry by this pandemic as no one to save them from economic misery. In conversation with Artist, activist and sex worker, Kate McGrew director and co-convenor of sex workers alliance Ireland(SWAI) and ICRSE (International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe) respectively.

In 2017, Ireland adopted the nordic model of sex legislation whereby purchasing sex is criminalized. Existing legislation was brothels and pimping were illegal. The very nature of industry prevents them from working i.e physical relationship.” Income has become obsolete. the fact already ignored from social protection, Despite the pandemic, we weren't able to access the emergency grant issued by the Irish government. We are left with no aid, basic survival has become a nightmare.” she said. The authorities announced, “Emergency grant could be availed by the irregular immigrants, informal economy workers”.Yet some SWAI members encountered setbacks while availing grants.

The major set back is failing the basic eligibility criteria for grant i.e registered as employed and social security number. Some people denied emergency grant due to non-payment of taxes and proof for lost income as they won’t identify themselves as sex workers. Fearing the backlash of legal action and immigration. Sex workers population consist of the majority of undocumented Migrants. Government-issued a statement not to link immigration with social security schemes. It bore no fruit as the sex workers are denied their benefits. During this dark period, it is even harder for them to even ask for help due to fear of harassment and social taboos.

They are used to being street workers. For them to work from home is herculius task. They can't afford logistics for the same. They fell prey to cyber crimes i.e blackmailing, pornography and what not. Their privacy is infringed as they are made to work online. Some workers are even considering working despite many risks. We are left with no options as the clients are pressuring to engage in business with them. Adding to that of loss of business after the pandemic.

The solution in the first place would be providing an emergency grant to the sex worker. This will act as first aid to them. Secondly, decriminalisation of purchasers of sex would pave way for more business. It is high time that sex workers have to be recognised so that taboo around this industry ceases. Finally, they will remain to exist and coexist among us due to socio-economic stratification, but all they crave for is parity.

Indeed, there are certain positive takeaways from this lockdown. The SWAI “hardship fund” created by crowdfunding has been well received. Sex workers are lending help for each other by virtual fundraising events for hardship fund. This pandemic has made sex workers come together to fight against societal norms. If they don't work many innocent lives will be forced into this industry. SWAI stands for the upliftment of sex workers, lending support to them in many ways. SWAI fight against the discrimination, and taboo around sex workers, in Ireland. ICRSE has united the European sex workers organisations to fight for a good cause. Impact of COVID-19 over this industry is being studied by the ICRSE, thereby during and post- COVID-19 they will initiate the process to aid sex workers.



03 June 2020

Growing up in a family that loved to tell stories, but there was one person who never spoke about. Tamara was in her thirties, the first time she saw her photo of aunt Sally, who disappeared four decades ago, during one of Ethiopia's darkest chapters. Tamara was determined to find out the truth about what happened to her aunt and documented her journey in a film, named 'Finding Sally'.

The highlights of the film experience of loss that has impacted them all their lives. Sally, a 23-year-old when she disappeared in the aftermath of the 1974 revolution when Ethiopia's Imperial government was overthrown paving way for the Derg which ruled Ethiopia with an Iron Fist until it was ousted in 1991. At mass rallies, Derg leaders ordered a defence squad to liquidate all those who opposed the revolution. Throughout the terror camp, people, mostly school and university students and young intellectuals suspected of opposing their Derg who were killed on the streets and in prisons of Addis Ababa and other towns in the centre of the country.The EPRDF held trials against higher-ranked and Derg official responsible for the red Terror but the trials were highly politicized, with some being held in the absence and under a law that had recourse to the death penalty. The trials did not meet International Human Rights standards. The trials with elements of unfairness like this again after Prime Minister took office in 2018 when over 60 high-level government officials were arrested on charges of torture and corruption.

The Government's efforts to hold perpetrators to account were welcome, but it is disappointing that the vast majority of crimes have violations remain unaddressed and victims of serious violations of Human Rights are reminded without remedy.

Efforts to guarantee victims to truth, justice and reparation should be Central in plans to prevent future atrocities and conflict in Ethiopia.



03 June 2020

on the 2nd of April around a hundred people in the Kazakh city to find they had become prisoners overnight. The lock on the front door of their apartment block had been welded shut, trapping everybody inside and costing when residents realised that they could not get to work. It is not a practical joke but the previous evening a woman living in the building had been hospitalised with COVID-19 symptoms and the local authorities had responded imprisoning her unsuspecting neighbours and sending police to Surround the building. The residents who arrived home late from work were trapped outside and had to sleep in their cars.

The doctors arrived and went around all 56 Apartments ordering us to take our temperatures which had an ordinary thermometer to use under the arm and they wiped down after each person.Just because they had been given no warning, people did not have enough food and were soon relying on packages from relatives and voluntary organisations who had their plight on social media. The local shop agreed to deliver goods on credit and a bakery donated bread to each flat. But the state did not provide anything - they did not even give us information.

The prisoners are at particular risk from COVID-19 because it is difficult to follow WHO recommendations regarding hygiene and social distancing in the often crowded conditions of prisons and pre-trial detention centres. A human rights defender is currently serving a life sentence on a series of fabricated charges, Detainees in the pre-trial detention centres have not been able to see their lawyers due to COVID-19 and are kept in particularly overcrowded cells. By barricading People in their buildings is just the latest manifestation of overreach by States which considered free speech crime and human rights an annoyance.

In the context, it is unsurprising that the Kazakhstani authorities have met criticism with denials and of obfuscation. The women who had fallen ill ultimately tested negative for COVID-19 as she had pneumonia instead. It was used all for nothing but nobody would admit it.

The distances were finally freed after 14 days and expiration of the quarantine. The true freedom remains out of reach in Kazakhstan, were expressing the opinion can still land you in prison. The shocking measures taken to contain COVID-19 must put on the map and increase scrutiny of the poor Human Rights records.



04 June 2020

The government claims it has launched this contact tracing app to better equip healthcare authorities to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. However, its historically poor track record on privacy, the lack of transparency about who built and runs the app, and the absence of data protection legislation compound people’s anxieties. Especially because the app allows the government continuous access to an individual’s location and demographic data. The app allows the authorities to upload the collected information to a government-owned and operated "server" which will " provide data to persons carrying out medical and administrative interventions necessary concerning COVID-19" The Software Freedom Law Centre, a consortium of lawyers, technology experts and students, says it is problematic as it means the government can share the data with " practically anyone it wants"

MyGov says " the app has been built with privacy as a core principle&quot, and the processing of contact tracing and risk assessment is done in an " anonymised manner"Mr Singh says when you register, the app assigns you a unique "anonymised" device ID. All interactions with the

government server from your device are done through this ID only and no personal information is exchanged after registration. It is interesting to note that whichever party ruled at the Centre – from the Congress to the BJP –contended, while in power, that a citizen cannot claim the right to privacy under the Constitution.

But Article 13 of the Constitution says: “All laws in force in the territory of India immediately before the commencement of this Constitution in so far as they are inconsistent with the provisions of this part shall, to the extent of such inconsistency, be void.” It means that the laws that were in force during the foreign rule that denied or curtailed fundamental rights stood null and void in independent India.

Trying to subvert the constitutional rights of the citizen through the back door by issuing

executive fiats should be condemned. If this insidious practice is accepted by the people, it will pave the way for the transformation of India from a democratic State to an authoritarian State. The issue is not the mandatory downloading of this or that app. The larger and most important issue is whether the executive has the constitutional right to compel a citizen to do something (like the downloading of the Aarogya Setu app) which does not impinge on or compromises the security and sovereignty of India.



05 June 2020

Modi was asked to be prepared for Australian kichadi in Gujarati style for their next in-person meeting. The Australian prime minister Scott Morrison remarks after having samosa with mango chutney.

The very first virtual Indo-Aussy conference midst of this pandemic Covid-19. This reminds Modi of his holograms used during the 2104 general elections. He has plans to install one for Scott Morrison. But this doesn't come to surprise Modi, as during these testing times having a virtual summit.

The world will recall this as a samosa-kichadi conference. The Australian prime minister did enjoy his samosas by tweeting. Samosa bug bit him well that he couldn't control himself.

Indeed the Australian prime minister is waiting for the "Modi hug" and hanging out with samosa. Also, Gujarat kichadi is the one, on his bucket list as he tweeted to try this at his kitchen. Modi replied, that your samosa will be the talk of the town. Indians are delighted especially Gujarati people settled in Australia.


New York

06 June 2020

“We need global solidarity to ensure that every person, everywhere, has access”, Secretary-General António Guterres said in a video message to the Global Vaccine Summit, convened to find and fund collective solutions for COVID-19-related vaccines and to strengthen routine immunization commitments and resources for other preventable diseases. As “the most important public health intervention in history”, Mr. Guterres credited the “lifesaving miracle” of vaccinations, for saving tens of millions of lives each year, eradicating smallpox and preventing outbreaks of diseases like measles, rubella and tetanus. He maintained that a COVID-19 vaccine must be seen as “a global public good – a people’s vaccine”.

Egypt’s President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, maintained that it was "pivotal” not to allow the pandemic to affect the importance of fighting other infectious diseases or “to exert collective efforts to resume immunization campaigns against vaccine-preventable diseases".COVID-19, the greatest public health crisis of the generation, has skyrocketed vaccines to the top of the global agenda.

“Disease knows no borders”, concluded the UN chief, “that is why a fully funded GAVI will be critical to ensure we continue to progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”.Chaired by the United Kingdom, leaders from around the world outlined their latest thinking during the summit, on the need for, and progress towards, an equitable vaccine

"Vaccines work, and 86 per cent of the world’s children have been reached by routine immunization”, said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “In the midst of a global pandemic, it has never been more important to build capacity to respond to disease outbreaks and work with organizations to deliver vaccines". The UN chief lauded the “incredible work” of GAVI, the vaccine alliance, and its partners in allowing people of all ages and income levels throughout the world to access vaccines.

“The United Nations is proud to be part of this effort towards universal health coverage”, he upheld, reiterating its commitment to being part of the next phase, “because there is still much work to do”.

Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed Germany’s continued support, saying, "We want to increase the chance for more than 300 million young people to have a healthy life. We are talking about 300 million individual lives – not just a number.”British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted: “Together, we have replenished this Alliance and here comes the number you’ve been waiting for: we have secured a fantastic $ 8.8 billion for GAVI's vital work over the next five years". Against the backdrop of 20 million children missing their full complement of vaccines and one-in-five having received no vaccines at all, Mr Guterres pointed out that under the shadow of COVID-19, “their plight is even more desperate”.He painted a picture of halted immunization campaigns and broadening gaps in global vaccine delivery.And finally, when the COVID-19 vaccine does become available, that it reaches everyone.

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