Presenting the Legal Innovation Project by Internationalism. Founded by Abhivardhan in Fall 2018, Juris En envisions to encourage academic innovation via research, media, publications and transmedia initiatives in the fields of synthetic jurisprudence and international law.

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the juris en conference on international law

Academic Conference centered to multidisciplinary academic learning.

the Globalité colloquiums 

Learning and research-discussion colloquiums on specific areas of International Law, Constitutional Law & Legal Theory.

the juris en talks

Special talks that explore various issues of Synthetic Jurisprudence



executive board


Research Opportunity Internship programmes

We publish Conference Proceedings and relevant reports, Policy Documents and encourage Internship Programmes for students and researchers.

the world in you panel discussions

Special Panel Discussions on various specialized issues on International Law.

indian conference on artificial intelligence & law

Academic Conference on discovering and enclosing various avenues on Artificial Intelligence & Social Sciences.

The Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship Project is an academic and innovation project begun by Abhivardhan in late 2018. The project is regulated by two bodies - the Permanent Executive Board for the Juris En Project & the Global Legal Innovation Advisory.

The Permanent Executive Board is the regulatory body for the Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship Project. The Board is presided by Mr Pratejas Tomar, who is currently the Deputy R&D Advisor of Internationalism.

Ms Aryakumari Sailendraja is the Chief Executive Officer of the Permanent Executive Board.


Founder & Conference Chairperson

The Juris En Conference on International Law

Founder, Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship Project

Ex-Officio Member, Permanent Executive Board to the Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship Project


Pratejas Tomar

President, Permanent Executive Board to The Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship Project


Aryakumari Sailendraja

CEO, Permanent Executive Board to Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship Project


additional members of the board


  • Ms Amulya Anil, SLS Hyderabad

  • Dr Ritu Agarwal, AUUP Lucknow

  • Ms Shreya Sunny, Christ University

  • Ms Mahima Gupta

  • Mr Abhishek Singh Bhadouriya, HNLU Raipur

  • Mr Utkarsh Mishra, SLS Noida

The Global Legal Innovation Advisory

The GLIA is the primary steering cum advisory group in Internationalism, where a community of lawyers, academics and entrepreneurs advise, collaborate and suggest us in our R&D projects, and guide us forward in  the Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship Project. 

Executive Members

Kartikey Misra

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Executive Member

Alumnus, University of Edinburgh


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Judicial Fellow at the International Court of Justice

Shobhitabh Srivastava

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Executive Member

Research Scholar, University of Lucknow

Bulbul Khaitan

Executive Member

Doctoral Candidate, University of Hamburg, Germany

Sara Arafa

Executive Member

ICRC Protection Delegate in Beirut, Lebanon

Arushi Alka Bajpai

Executive Member

Research Associate, Jindal Global University

Udomo Ali

Executive Member

Founding Member, International Law and Technology Interoperability Association