The Juris En Talks is a trans-media legal education talk series organized by the ISAIL-Lucknow Institute for a Greater Europe on behalf of Internationalism under the education campaign of The Juris En Conference on International Law.

Meet The Team

Philippe Lefevre

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Institute for a Greater Europe

Founding Patron

ISAIL-Lucknow Institute for a Greater Europe


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The Juris En Conference on International Law, 2020

Founding Curator

The Juris En Talks

Rajeev K Gupta

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Chief Executive Advisor

ISAIL-Lucknow Institute for a Greater Europe

so what is it?

We think and spread ideas on Law and other fields.


We find a relevant field connected with Law and organize talks.


We encourage young minds to motivate innovative thinking in the field of Law and Social Sciences.


We broadcast it to various platforms online includingf Spotify and Apple Music.


Season 1 (2019)

Law, Fake News and Social Media: Impact on Society

April 7, 2019/Sheroes Hangout, Lucknow, India

Law and Climate Change: Dialogue for Hope

May 25, 2019/Facebook Live

Law and Startups: The Indian Culture and Its Frugalities

June 22/Facebook Live

Law & Humanitarian Dialogue cum Entrepreneurship: The Geopolitical Avenues

July 20/Facebook Live

Law & Technology: Artificial Intelligence Beyond Consumer Experience

September 8/School of Law, NMIMS Bangalore, India

Law & Human Rights: Challenges to Multilateralism and Cooperation

October 12/Facebook Live

Law & Courts: Context and Precedents of Global Balance

28 November 2019/Facebook Live

Law & Customs: Constitutional Morality: The Redemptive Future


Law & Culture: The Dynamics of Creativity in Cyberspace

23 December 2019/Facebook Live

Law & Humanity: Post-truth Challenges to Human Culture by BioEthics


Our previous speakers

Sneh Madhur

Nabeela Siddiqui

Ashish Pandey

Oyeyemi Ezekiel

Freelance Journalist

Environmental Legal Academician and Researcher

Social Media Advisor to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Environment Advocate and Changemaker, Nigeria

Vibhanshu Srivastava

Surendra Singh

Philippe Lefevre

Fadumo Abiodun Paul

Advocate, Allahabad High Court

Social Servant and Worker

Chair, Institute for a Greater Europe

Secretary-General, Isar MUN 2019

Founder, ABEYPL Life Share


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