7, 8 & 9 February, 2020     |      International School of Business & Media, Pune


5 & 6 February, 2021     |  

Lucknow, India

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Present the innovative ideas with objective research on the modernist post-truth aspects of international law and relations.

Indian Students | Indian Professionals | International Delegates

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THE Globalité Colloquiums

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Presenting an innovative form of Debate Symposium for Law, Social Science and Tech Students.

Indian Students      |   International Students

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Indian Students, Indian Professionals and Indian Delegates include and are exclusive to:

Citizens of India, Non Resident Indians (NRIs), Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) 

The Conference

It is the first academic conference by Internationalism, the research organization committed towards the development and dissemination of International Law as a field.

Founded by Abhivardhan, this conference encompasses towards innovative and viable academic research in the method of paper presentations, academic debates and panel discussions.

Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship: The Project

Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship is a vibrant project by Internationalism, which focuses on an innovative development in the field of Law. The project focuses on a special development of synthetic jurisprudence and focuses on innovation in new fields related to.


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The Juris En Conference on International Law, 2021 is the first academic conference organized by Internationalism, a research organization at Lucknow, India. The conference is a special method to incentivise methods for viable academic and learning contributions in the field of International Law, by track sessions on different contemporary issues of International Law and its multidisciplinary allied fields. 

In the maiden edition of the conference, we are focusing on the inclusive nature of international law and its related imperative fields of concern.


We have thus focused on the role of Artificial Intelligence Ethics, the Role of Women in Business, the Pluralist Nature of Armed Conflicts and its Geopolitical Implications in IHL and the existential value of International Law in a post-truth scenario.


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Paper Presentations are based on the issues and academic incentives worked in the field of International Law entitled based on Tracks during the course of the conference.

The Globalité  Colloquiums is a series of academic colloquia around India, where we work closely with law and social students to voice their innovative research idea. We are having the first edition of the Colloquiums in The Juris En Conference on International Law, 2020 in the International School of Business & Media, Nande, Pune. In the JECIL 2020 Edition of the Colloquiums, attend, learn and discover.


Check out more about Globalité  at globalite.internationalismeditorials.org

The World In You

Panel Discussions

The World In You Panel Discussions are some of the most lucrative, innovative and unexpected panel discussions, covering the agenda of modernist approaches to International Law in an all-comprehensive way. The Discussions contains panellists from multidisciplinary studies and International Law, to deliberate and formulate some solutions on the striking problems we face today.

The Topics are Revealed.

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Executive Curator 


Organizing Executives 

Bhaskar Kumar

Pratejas Tomar


in association with

As a part of the Conference, in association with Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence & Law, the Juris En Talks is an innovative attempt to organize Group Discussions/Talks with various organizations/institutions to discuss the synthetic issues of law and social sciences, in a simple and more innovative manner. The Talks is just for any common man to come, talk, learn and share the knowledge. 

#Aaiyega Zaroor.

For any collabs, reach out to us at isaillige@gmail.com.

Our previous speakers

Sneh Madhur

Nabeela Siddiqui

Ashish Pandey

Oyeyemi Ezekiel

Freelance Journalist

Environmental Legal Academician and Researcher

Social Media Advisor to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Environment Advocate and Changemaker, Nigeria

Vibhanshu Srivastava

Surendra Singh

Philippe Lefevre

Fadumo Abiodun Paul

Advocate, Allahabad High Court

Social Servant and Worker

Chair, Institute for a Greater Europe

Secretary-General, Isar MUN 2019

Founder, ABEYPL Life Share



Aditya Singh

Founder & Chairman

Alexis Group

Lead Advisor, Permanent Executive Board to the Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship Project


Founder & Conference Chairperson

The Juris En Conference on International Law

Founder, Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship Project


Pratejas Tomar

President, Permanent Executive Board to The Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship Project

The Juris En Conference on International Law

Aryakumari Sailendraja

CEO, Permanent Executive Board to Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship Project

The Juris En Conference on International Law

The Organizing Team



Abhivardhan, Conference Chairperson & Editorial Head

Aditya Singh, Lead Advisor, Permanent Executive Board

Pratejas Tomar, President, Permanent Executive Board

directorate, executive affairs


directorate, academics

The Peer Review Committee

Bulbul Khaitan, Doctoral Candidate, University of Hamburg, Germany
Quazi Omar Foysal, Lecturer in International Law, American International University, Bangladesh
Sara Arafa, ICRC Protection Delegate in Beirut, Lebanon
Luisa Fernanda Cañas Arandia, Professional in International Human Rights Law
Arushi Alka Bajpai, Research Associate, Jindal Global University, India
Dr Koagne Zouapet Apollin, PhD, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Nivedita S, Research Associate, Centre for International Law, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Udomo Ali, Founding Member, International Law and Technology Interoperability Association, Nigeria
Shobhitabh Srivastava, Tamil Nadu National Law University, India


Directorate, volunteering



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Abhivardhan, Conference Chairperson

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