The Indian International Law Project

Define, Redefine and Reconstruct the Indian Vision towards International Law

The Indian International Law Project is a policy research project started by Internationalism in May 2020. The purpose of the project is central to the idea that Indian Diplomacy after 75 years of phases and changes, would seek a new and different era, where the purposive construct of Indian Foreign Policy and Relations would not be limited to the old-school strategies and legal ramifications. In a multipolar world, it would be therefore important for a nation-state like India to explore and expand its legal, multilateral and policy narrative, to render a positive and reformist change in the international system and community.    

The Project estimates on Indian Diplomacy in three frontiers –

  1. adherence and manifesting international law via state practices and international legal custom;

  2. reverence and instrumentalizing measures to conform with its role as a Stabilizing Power in the realm of international relations; and

  3. role of India to preserve and reshape multilateralism under its multi-alignment policy.

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