The Alliance of Legal Innovation (ALI)

Presenting the Alliance of Legal Innovation under Internationalism, consisted of different organizations and projects (self-autonomous and corporeal) embracing the community of minds and ideas towards encouraging legal innovation worldwide.

Presenting our Member Projects, Organizations and Initiatives

Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship

Innovation in MUNs

The Destined Eyes

Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law

World Mediation Organization


Geographical Institute (PGI°)


Predets Pvt Ltd


Law Mentor


meet our members


Chairman, ALI

Dr Sanjay Kr Rout

Dr Rout is the President of ISAIL and one of the leading advisors of Internationalism. He heads the Alliance of Legal Innovation.

Director and Founder - World Mediation Organization

Prof. Daniel Erdmann, PhD

Prof. Erdmann is the Dean of the School of Mediation and Terrorism Studies, EUCLID University.

Chief Executive Officer, Primus Geographical Institute, Nigeria

Stephen Odelowo

Stephen is a passionate entrepreneur and a Geography and International Relations learner.


Executive President, ISAIL

Dr Pankaj K Goswami

Dr Goswami is an Asst. Professor at Amity University Lucknow Campus and is the Executive President of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law. He is also currently the Vice President of the Computer Society of India, Lucknow Chapter.


Sai Vikranth Deshpande

He started in order to help law students mainly of those who are underprivileged to build their CVs by acquainting them about various events and initiatives happening across India.

The Global Legal Innovation Advisory

The GLIA is the primary steering cum advisory group in Internationalism, where a community of lawyers, academics and entrepreneurs advise, collaborate and suggest us in our R&D projects, and guide us forward in  the Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship Project. 

Executive Members

Kartikey Misra

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Executive Member

Alumnus, University of Edinburgh


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Judicial Fellow at the International Court of Justice

Shobhitabh Srivastava

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Executive Member

Research Scholar, University of Lucknow

Bulbul Khaitan

Executive Member

Doctoral Candidate, University of Hamburg, Germany

Sara Arafa

Executive Member

ICRC Protection Delegate in Beirut, Lebanon

Arushi Alka Bajpai

Executive Member

Research Associate, Jindal Global University

Udomo Ali

Executive Member

Founding Member, International Law and Technology Interoperability Association