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Internationalism Colloquiums & 

Internationalism Symposiums


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Important Deadlines

This is the Deadline for Submitting Abstract(s).

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Hold tight as we will intimate about your abstract's selection within 3 working days.

Within 3 Working Days

Day of the Colloquium

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The Final Paper is required to be submitted by the above deadline.

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How the Colloquiums Work

  1. The Colloquiums and Chapter Symposiums is divided into two sessions as follows:

    1. Lectures: The first part of a Colloquium can be Lectures by esteemed educationists, professionals, and academicians.

    2. Research Review Sessions: These are classroom sessions, where students, professionals, and academicians can propose their research idea (abstract/proposal) - which shall be discussed among the participants and analysed by two or more faculty members.

  2. The Lectures are 20-30-minute lecture sessions in which we can invite esteemed speakers in the field of International Law, Jurisprudence, and Global Constitutional Law to present their lecture proposals, which are in one of the categories given below:

  • Informative

Informative and exploratory lectures - will be published after the colloquiums.

  • Propositional

Argumentative lectures with hypothesis and propositions - will be published after the colloquiums.

  • Reflective

Reflective and case-study based lectures - will be published after the colloquiums.

The Research Review Sessions are classroom sessions involving students, professionals, and academicians to present their research proposals or abstracts like conference/seminars paper presentations.

  • Nature

This is not a paper presentation session. The proposals must reflect the flow of research of the paper they intend to publish with us in proposition; The proposal can propose, reflect & argue academic issues and even can be based on case-study based analysis - however, cannot be informative by nature; they can be published long articles (5,000 words and beyond);

Overview of the Colloquiums

Our team at Internationalism believes in academic innovation and skill development in the field of legal research. To encourage an accessible and feasible form of research and development activities in law and international affairs, we intend to organize colloquiums with relevant stakeholders who are currently involved with the field of legal and social science education, i.e., academic institutions, research centres, legal think-tanks, bar associations, government agencies and other relevant stakeholders.


In the Colloquiums, we intend to invite students, scholars and professionals to present and discuss their research ideas in various fields of international law and relations via their research proposals. There are two methods which we propose to implement.

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