Internationalism Person of the Year 2020 Release

We are more than happy to intimate that Internationalism™ has chosen them to be:

Internationalism Person of the Year 2020:

Li Wenliang (posthomous)

People's Republic of China

Geopersonality of the Year 2020:

Donald J Trump, US

President of the United States

Shinzo Abe, Japan

Former Prime Minister of Japan

Jared Kushner, US

White House Senior Advisor

Yoshihide Suga, Japan

Prime Minister of Japan

Editor of the Year 2020 from Internationalism Editorials:

Sameep Khanal

South Asian Journal of International Law by Internationalism™

Beghuman Simsir

Legit by Internationalism™

Nikhil Dongol

Legit by Internationalism

Top 10 Best Reads by Internationalism Research 2020

Resolving the Jurisdictional Issues of International Courts and Tribunals

Manohar Samal

Exclusion Clauses in Refugee Law: The Developments and Detachments from International Criminal Law

Yifang Ye, Hitotsubashi University, Japan

Draft UN Convention on Elimination of Pandemics – 2020

Srishti Pareek

The Dysfunctionalities of International Investment Law: An Unoffending Attempt at Balancing Investor Rights and Obligations

Akash Manwani

The UN’s Role and Intervention in the Transformation of Customary International Law and the Objector Principles

Anirudh Vats

Relevance of the Exception of Political Offense in the Extradition Matters in the 21st Century

Padmja Mishra

Role of Ethnocentrism and Globalization in the Strategies and Decision-Making Process of the UN Human Rights System

Hriti Parekh

India’s Restrictions on Public Procurement: An Analysis of Conformity with National Treatment Obligations under GATT

Sathyajith MS

The History of Indo-African Relations in Context of the Growth of International Law

Yashna Walia

Analyzing the Viability of ADR in Settling Maritime Boundary Disputes Around the South China Sea

Avishikta Chattopadhyay

Congratulations to Manohar Samal, YIFANG YE, Srishti Pareek, Avishikta Chattopadhyay, Akash Manwani, Hriti Parekh, Sathyajith MS, Anirudh Vats, Yashna Walia and Padmja Mishra.

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