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Aradhya Sahay

Proof Editor, Legit


Before Post Pandemic:

Higher education was better before covid-19 even for a law student. Education is very important to improve knowledge. While the long-term impact of the crisis is uncertain, the pandemic may affect public spending on education as funds are diverted into the health sector and the economy. Even in 2020 school was shut down because of covid-19 and also Mid-semester was postpone and final year student has to give MCQ.

Because of covid-19 the legal research judicial subjects are not be able to done properly. And also interaction and healthy relation was there but because of an online class, it was not possible. Bar council of India regulates about the final year student to give the online exam by MCQ but for the law student, it is very important to give the relevant case laws, sections and firms. BCI and UGC are the regulatory agencies in India.

After covid-19:

Many law schools have switched to the online platform of teaching. The platform used for online teaching posed challenges because of the lack of institutionalized platform impact the lectures. Those who were technically savvy used this opportunity and become the masters of online teaching without analyzing the impact of the same. Students from pre-school to the higher secondary, undergraduate degree courses to a postgraduate degree course to doctorate to post-doctorate programmes have been barred from physical interaction with the peer mate and teaching-learning process. From July 1, 2020, most of the law schools, public and private have started their academic session while teaching mandatory and optional paper.

In covid-19:

Legal education will provide a blend of practical and everyone is aware of the change from the technological age to the information age. Legal education to meet the challenges posed by the contemporary world. There is a need to revamp the present legal education to meet the challenges posed by the contemporary world. In this regard, there is a need to reframe the role of the bar and the bench. The future of legal institution depends on the present lawyers and legal institutions imparting legal knowledge. The purpose and function of law have assumed considerable significance in the contemporary world and with the changing complexion of law, the quality and the methodology of education of law must be correspondingly changed and improve. Apart from this, it also suggests initiating the process of adopting the flipped learning pedagogy in teaching law subject along with classroom teaching.


SEBI has come up with an Aim of attending with the deadline of March 31, 2021, the entire lodgement will comprise all transfer request and also will include the transfer of share and also share issue of transfer share in Demat mode.

The optional Guidelines has pick from words in crediting transfer share with respect to Demat account of the investors are given below.

i. Guidelines to credit the transferred physical shares in Demat mode:

a. Subsequent to processing of the re-lodged transfer request, the RTA shall retain the physical shares and intimate the investor (transferee) about the execution of transfer through Letter of Confirmation. The letter shall be sent through speed post/ registered. It is a digital signed letter. The content of the letter should be shares endorsement the investor is available in the physical share.

b. The investor shall submit the Demat request, within 90 days of issue of Letter of Confirmation, to Depository participant (DP) along with the Letter of Confirmation. RTA shall also issue a reminder at the end of 60 days.

c. The letter of confirmation holds the confirmation of physical share on behalf of the investors which belong to the depositor participant. Which depository participants will lead to the process of dematrequest.

ii. The RTA has approved the Dematrequest , shall only intimate Depository about locking its period. This kind of share shall be lock-in Demat mode for 6 month the above has being mention in 2018 November 06, 2018, CIRCULAR.

iii. The demat request of the investor needs to be received within 90 days of the letter of confirmation sent. On the basis of this Escrow, Demat Account of the Company shares will be credited

3. Depositories shall;

a) So as it may be necessary certain necessary amendments can make the rules by-law and regulation are mentioned above.

b) All the information that has amended us put for circulation need to buy to the notice of the participant and the same need to be posted disseminate on the websites.

4. Section 11(1) of the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992, is under what which circular has being issued. The agenda of this provision is to protect not only the interest of the investors it also to provide security to promote development.

5. The Stock Exchanges are advised to bring the provisions of this circular to the notice of listed companies and also to disseminate the same on their websites.

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Legit Originals, Volume 1, Issue 4 (December 2020)

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