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We focus on research-centric internships to foster skill rejuvenation.

Our team at Internationalism Research focuses on out-of-the-box Research Internship Programmes, where we prepare and engage people in real academic and policy innovation in the field of international law and relations. 

Our Internship Programmes involve pro-bono mentorship and support to students skilled in research, strategy, scepticism and legal aptitude, in order to provide solutions from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Please note that we do not accept applications using email. Therefore, please wait for our monthly calls for Interns on Internshala, an online portal for the recruitment of our interns. Otherwise, you can always apply through the form below, and our team will reach out to you shortly. 

P.S.: All internships offered under Internationalism are of pro-bono nature (subject to the nature of assignments approved).

Internationalism Virtual Experience Programme

Our team at Internationalism Research has launched the Virtual Experience Programme for students, who are eager to learn and develop their skills and interest in international law and relations. This experience programme is available to any student from a recognized university, and can surely get a grasp of the work near to our research assignments and tasks at Internationalism Research and Internationalism Editorials.

Please note that this is just an experience programme, and it is not a certificate course.In this programme, you have to complete the modules and then submit all the assignments. The platform for the same is Google Classroom, and you can register for just 500 INR.

If you are interested in the Research Internship Opportunity Programme at Internationalism, then you are required to earn between A+ [or 100%] and B- [or 75%] grade to be qualified for an internship at Internationalism.

It just takes 2 weeks for you to experience your interest in international law and relations.

Each month, the assignments and the quiz assignments shall be changed, in order to preserve the uniqueness in the experience programme. 

Please note: the certificates will be generated only at the end of the month you begin the virtual experience programme and when a contribution fee of 500 INR is submitted.

The Modules covered in this month:

  1. Introduction to critical thinking in jurisprudence

  2. Synthetic jurisprudence in policy

  3. legal innovation and adjudication

  4. law and multilateralism

  5. final assignment for skill assessment

and then...

Please note that the contribution fee is considered as a processing fee by Internationalism, which supports our cause and purpose.

The fee is non-refundable.

If the payment is not possible through Wix, then kindly email your queries at We will get back to you.

For Internship Opportunities
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Kinds of Internships we offer at Internationalism

Research Opportunity Internships

Editorial Opportunity Internships

Under our Editorial Ventures, Legit and the South Asian Journal of International Law, we invite students of law and international affairs to study and work editorial assignments of sort.

The Editorial Opportunity Internship or EOI Programme involves 4 steps every Editorial Extern/Intern goes through:

  • Assessment of judicial and administrative updates in courts of law

  • Mentorship Programme by our experts at GLIA and NLIA by Internationalism

  • Editorial assessment of critical legal and policy issues

  • Developing rational and unbiased trends of legal and public policy issues

In the ROI Programme, we invite and accept applications of students and early career researchers to encourage them to research on various issues of international law, constitutional law, jurisprudence, administrative law, international relations, international policy and entrepreneurship strategy.

The intern has to work on various policy/academic reports and assignments and even our special events, interviews and roundtables.

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