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Redefine and Reconstruct the Indian Vision towards International Law

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Manohar Samal, Research Analyst

Akash Manwani, Research Analyst

Pratham Sharma, Research Member

Vasu Sharma, Junior Research Analyst

Vaibhav Dwivedi, Legal Research Analyst

Avishikta Chattopadhyay, Research Member

Vijayalakshmi Raju, Editor for Legit by Internationalism

Urvashi Arora, Research Contributor

Prafful Tonge, Research Member

Mugdha Satpute, Research Member

Ridhima Bhardwaj, Research Member

Ambar Bishun, Research Contributor

Nikhil Dongol, Research Contributor

What We Do?

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Indian International

Law Programme

Redefine and Reconstruct the Indian Vision towards International Law

The Indian International Law Programme is a policy research programme started by Internationalism in May 2020. The purpose of the project is central to the idea that Indian Diplomacy after 75 years of phases and changes, would seek a new and different era, where the purposive construct of Indian Foreign Policy and Relations would not be limited to the old-school strategies and legal ramifications. In a multipolar world, it would be therefore important for a nation-state like India to explore and expand its legal, multilateral, and policy narrative, to render a positive and reformist change in the international system and community.    


The Programme estimates on Indian Diplomacy in their updated frontiers –

  1. Adherence and manifesting international law via state practices and international legal custom;

  2. Reverence and instrumentalizing measures to conform with its role as a Stabilizing Power in the realm of international relations;

  3. Role of India to preserve and reshape multilateralism under its multi-alignment policy;

  4. Assessing India's role as a Civilizational-Constitutional State;

  5. Transforming India's Strategic Soft Power Imperatives in an Intersectionality-Centric Information Society;

      Policy Papers

Indian International Law Programme Policy Analyses.


Global Relations and Legal Policy, Volume 1 (2020)

Indian International Law Series, Volume 1 (2020)

     Indic Journal of International Law

Executive Team


Director, Indian International Law Programme 

Areas of Research: Indic International Law, AI Ethics and Diplomacy, Multilateralism, QUAD Studies, Indo-Europe Relations, Legal Education, Constitutional Law 

Vaibhav Dwivedi

Deputy Director, Indian International Law Programme 

Areas of Research: Legal Education, Constitutional Law 

Dhakshayanee Srinivasan

Programme Coordinator, Indian International Law Programme 

Areas of Research: International Humanitarian Law, Multilateralism

Research Team

Manohar Samal, Research Analyst

Public International Law, Taxation, United Nations and Global Governance, International Trade Law, Indic Traditionalism 

Pratham Sharma, Junior Research Analyst

Public International Law, Space Law, Indic Traditionalism  

Pratik Dutta, Junior Research Analyst

Indo-Russian Relations, Central Europe and Central Asian Studies, Transitional Justice, Constitutional Law, International Law 

Nikita Mulay, Junior Research Analyst

Indo-China Relations, QUAD Studies, Labour Law, Economic Law in India, Multilateralism 

Satyajith MS, Junior Research Analyst

Indic Traditionalism, QUAD Studies, International Trade Law, Indic History and Jurisprudence, Indian Foreign Policy, Indo-Middie East Studies

Aman Kotecha, Research Contributor

QUAD Studies, Indo-Middle East Studies, United Nations, Global Governance

Prafful Tonge, Junior Research Analyst

Indo-Taiwan Studies, Indo-ASEAN Studies, United Nations

Ambar Bishun, Research Contributor [Geopolitics]

Urvashi Arora, Research Contributor

Yashvi Agarwal, Research Contributor

Yashna Walia, Research Contributor

Nikhil Dongol, Research Contributor [International Law]

Research Groups

  • QUAD and ASEAN Leadership

  • India and Global Governance

  • India and South-South Cooperation

  • Indic Constitutionalism and Traditionalism 

  • Public Diplomacy and Innovation in India 

  • Central Asia-Europe and Russian Studies

  • Artificial Intelligence and Diplomacy

         [In Collaboration with the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law under their Indian Strategy on AI and Law Programme]

What We Do?

We strategize our focus on issues of Indian Diplomacy and International Law by estimating policy paralysis, strategic constraints, constitutional and multilateral redemption, which strike at the core of the problems in the realm of the Indian Foreign Policy studies. Solving issues related to Indian Diplomacy and the International Legal Framework based on Indian Leadership, like of any other nation-state is not easy, and would never be a perfect venture. It is therefore important to acknowledge that if we focus on our problems in strong parallelism with the avenues achieved by India as an essential player in the triangular South Asian politics, much solutions thereafter can be reached. We do not believe in clickbait politics over issues of international relations, and therefore our research espouses the need to debunk politically-motivated narratives on Indian Diplomacy and Politics and encourage multidisciplinary research on the basis of strong basic roots of various fields, which are mingled into multi/inter/cross-disciplinary research.

Some of the important areas we cover:

  1. The Indian approach to Customary International Law

  2. Indian Approach to Libertarianism-Conservatism

  3. Indic Traditionalism, History and Diplomatic Moralism

  4. India and Artificial Intelligence Innovation

  5. India's role at the United Nations and Multilateral Organizations

  6. The shift from NAM to Multi-alignment partnerships

  7. The Russian-Indo-US dynamics

  8. The Indian Diaspora in First World Countries

  9. India's Role in South-South Cooperation Initiatives

  10. India and its Role in QUAD

  11. India's Soft Power Approaches

  12. New Indian Constitutionalism

We Embrace Communication and Outreach.

If any media agency, governmental/intergovernmental body, academic institution or research organization is interested in interviews/webinars/discussion panels to encourage internal (in-house private discussions with our research members - which we consider as private contributions to the project) sessions or external (in-house/external public discussions/interviews/webinars/conference representation) sessions, please mail us at Based on our availability, we will try to respond within 24-72 hours from the time of the request.

You can also reach out to:

Dhakshayanee Srinivasan, Programme Coordinator at

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